Sunday, November 19, 2017

Der Kosmonaut Live @ De Verrekijker 17Nov17

In case you showed up late:

Der Kosmonaut: Vocals, Beats Dominic Byrne: Acoustic Guitar Chris: Electric Space Guitar 1. Understand Aufstand In Every Land 2. Transition 3. Posters and Bulletins 4. Beat The Break 5. Can U Take It? Video and Light Installation By Peter Lampazzo

In case you left early or fell asleep.

1. Seattle Hemp
2.The Future Is Now
3. Live Jam with 3 DJs, Trumpeter and MC

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Seattle Hemp

Seattle Hemp

Our creative intellect is strewn
The death of capitalism isn't mourned
There aren't any mysteries unknown
Just listen to the frequency tones

Charlie wants us to feel alone
As we starve as he sits upon his throne
While he steals, we survive barely
Against mass anger to which we're prone

The hostess with the mostest delivers to the hopeless
The host who lost it all is seriously appalled
The cheaters and the scammers always on the sneak
But hit a brick wall when confronted by the freaks

They can't take it get tied in fits
They've got no sense nor any wit
Priests and preachers say they're the holiest
But their theology reveals their clumsiness

-Seattle, WA USA
August 2014

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Got locked during the talk
Tangled in dispute and gainsaying 
Passion Fashion or too much psychodrama 

Tearing apart only to reconcile
Recognizing the needs of others and self
Reciprocity is the hope and love

Desire for all pleasures and comforts 
Being selfish expecting others to be selfless
Sell fish two weeks old with interest
Killing time having your testicles squeezed like limes

Sour citrus circus acrobats spin circles
Clowning and buffoonery in the NBA
Harlem Globetrotters monkey men all
Dynamic entertainment without TNT

-Portland, OR USA
May 2014

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Saturday, November 11, 2017


Monday, November 06, 2017

138th Street IRT

Der Kosmonaut and Dominic Byrne perform live @ ADM Amsterdam 5 November 2017.

Der Kosmonaut: Beats Dominic Byrne: Guitar Video by Peter Rampazzo Composed by Dominic Byrne and Der Kosmonaut

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Thursday, November 02, 2017

Der Kosmonaut Hangs With Nick Mulvey and Crew In Utretch

Last night I was invited to see Nick Mulvey give a concert in Utrecht, The Netherlands. My friend Aria had backstage access. After the show we shared cheer and mirth playing music and talking to each other.

From Left To Right: Fifi, Peter Rampazzo, Der Kosmonaut, Aria, Steffen, Nick Mulvey, Leo

Here is Nick Mulvey's video for his excellent song "Myela" which he and his band played beautifully.

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Monday, October 30, 2017

*SLIGT ADM Live Concert Amsterdam 29OCT2017

*Secret Laboratory Interflug-Galaktika Live Concert At ADM Amsterdam 29 October 2017
Video, Stage Design and Visual Installation by Peter Rampazzo
Der Kosmonaut: Vocals, Beats
Dominic Byrne: Acoustic Guitar

1.Transition 2.Posters and Bulletins 3.Can U Take It? 4.Existential Interrogation 5.PDX (Part 1)

1.PDX (Part 2) 2.The Future Is Now 3.Put That Away 4.STCUM 5.Repressed Nature 6.The Need For Space

1.Love Yourself, Respect Yourself 2.Underground Metropolitan Poet 3.Seattle Center 4.SLIGT Indie Jam 5.138th Street

1.138th Street IRT Jam 2.Nap Interlude 3.Der Wienzeile Walzer

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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Der Kosmonaut *SLIGT Experimental Jam ADM Amsterdam 29 October 2017

Der Kosmonaut: Vocals, Drum Machine
Dominic Byrne: Guitar
Steffen: Live Human Feedback
Peter Rampazzo: Ambience, Visual Art Installation, Video


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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Postcard From Underground Amsterdam

By Der Kosmonaut,

  I made an appearance at ADM Festival, the largest and possibly soon to be last underground cultural and social community in The Netherlands.

A wooden and metal sculpture of a pelican atop an old boat where records were sold and played. As a result of too much enthusiasm I attempted to do a Hip-Hop Industrial DJ set but was told it was impossible.

I wouldn't begrudge any older New Yorkers that would doubt that this was actually taken in Amsterdam or October 2017. It does look quite similar to Coney Island Astroland circa 1980. However upon closer examination of the revelers, one hardly sees any Black or Puerto Rican faces.

Too bad that I didn't get to play an Industrial DJ set. "Lightening Man" by Nitzer Ebb would've certainly fit the mood and scene.
All photos were taken by Der Kosmonaut on his not-so-smartphone at ADM on 13 October 2017.

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